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2016-03-18 01:27 am

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You Are Grateful

You do your best to live a simple life without many needs. All you need is love and a sense of belonging.
You seek out security, companionship, and comradery. Your family and friends mean the world to you.

Even though you are a naturally social person, you still like to take time to yourself - to give thanks and reflect.
You are naturally nurturing and love to take care of people, animals, and nature. And you always leave some energy for self-care.

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2016-03-18 08:28 pm

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You Are Ballroom Dancing

You are sophisticated and classy. Definitely not the type to be seen dancing on a bar.
You are a bit old fashioned. You prefer dance to be subtly sexy, not in your face sexy.

You are sentimental and nostalgic. You appreciate the beauty of old things.
You are even tempered and cooperative. You work well with a partner.